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Your morning update!

1) In me news, Daniel’s medical stuff is complete and we’re just waiting on the embassy to give him an appointment to get the visa. HURRY UP, LONDON EMBASSY.

2) Roo feels deeply abused because the kittens get all the good food and he’s stuck with expensive raw ground up dead animals. Poor Roo.

3) It’s so hot today I’ve barely seen Badger and Dreadnought, so haven’t had much opportunity to trap them. There’s still an hour before my bedtime while I’m writing this, though, so I might get lucky.

4) I gave Intrepid and Astute a ping-pong ball and a red plastic jingly ball. Intrepid totally forgets to be afraid of me when there are toys to play with:

Astute, a teeny short-haired grey and white kitten, and Intrepid, a slightly less teeny VERY FLUFFY long-haired tabby and white kitten, play footsoccerball with a red plastic jingly ball. Intrepid neglects to be afraid of the thumb monkey until the ball comes to rest near her foot, at which point he is all “ZOMG! RUN AWAY! But not too far because TOY!”

5) And after exhausting himself with the ball, Intrepid not only let me pet him but purred for me. I am winning the battle for hearts and minds!

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