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Kitten update: Astute now cutest thing since sliced bread.

Be wary of your blood sugar levels while watching:

A teeny grey and white kitten purrs like a motorboat, or possibly a Harley Davidson with no muffler, while being petted by a giant hand. The owner of the hand can be heard giggling in the demented fashion of one who is high on oxytocin, the Cuddle Hormone, and at one point she goes “Eee!” at the kitten, who licks her hand. I refuse to admit that’s me making those noises. I don’t know who broke into my house and petted the kitten and filmed it.

3 thoughts on “Kitten update: Astute now cutest thing since sliced bread.


  2. Is that Roo meowing painfully in the background? I’m not sure if he’s saying, “feed me! feed me! feed me! I’m STARVING!!!!”, or “stop frolicking with that kitten! This is my house! You are my human! Pay attention to me!”

    1. That is Roo. He is highly upset because kittens are getting nommy wet food mixed with KMR, and he is getting ground up pheasant.

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