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My nefarious plans to familiarize the kittens with the trap are going well:
A fluffly long-haired tabby and white kitten stands on the wired-open door of a Havahart trap, while a grey and white kitten eats next to it.

In other news, I have named them. The one up there standing on the trap, long-haired tabby and white with a white nose, was formerly Kitten4 but is now Intrepid. The grey and white one, formerly Kitten2, is now Astute. The tabby-and-white long hair with much less white, formerly Kitten1, is now Badger, and the short-hair tabby and white what looks just like Emmaline is Avenger. Yes, I did name them all after ships. I was a sailor, what do you want from me?

Astute is in the bathroom. I’m going to try to catch him a buddy so he’s not alone all night, since although Uncle Roo has volunteered I don’t want him sleeping with strange kittens. He is calm and curious and wary of me but not terribly so, I suspect he’s been smelling me on Emmaline for a long time now. Auntie Zillekins is all a-quiver with love for him and periodically whining at the bathroom door.

One thought on “Huzzah!

  1. yay!!! Grif says he’s willing to help love the kitteh,…with his teeth, like Uncle Rah dogs with the piggies!

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