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Are you ready for the cute? Well, ARE YOU?

So I came home from work early yesterday because I was feeling like crap. I said hello to Noodlehead and Emmaline, who were hanging out on the porch, and reminded them I had fed them breakfast, and came in the house to feel oogy. Except my peaceful ooginess was interrupted by Zille, who was staring out the window and whining:
A view of the top of Zille's head.  She is staring out the window so hard her forehead is all wrinkly.

So I looked out the window with her, and what did I see? Dear reader, there were kittens. Four of them! I am going to describe the players in these pictures here, for my own ease in alt-tagging. The kittens are default boys because they are not handleable so I haven’t gotten a good look at their bottoms. Also the pics are not the best as I was in the house taking them through the window.
Cast of Characters
Emmaline, a small tabby and white momma cat. She is tabby over the back and white underneath, with a mostly white face and gorgeous eyeliner.
Kitten1, a FLUFFY long-haired tabby and white kitten. He is mostly tabby except for his feets. The bravest and most curious kitten, who has nearly approached me.
Kitten2, a short-hair grey and white kitten. He looks just like Emmaline, only where she is brown and black tabby, he is grey tabby.
Kitten3, a short-hair tabby and white kitten who really does almost look just like Emmaline.
Kitten4, a FLUFFY long-haired tabby and white kitten, who looks an awful lot like Noodlehead except for hair length.

ARE YOU READY FOR THE CUTE? I certainly hope so. For here is what I saw when I looked out my window:
Emmaline lays on a Welcome mat.  Kitten1 is behind her, Kitten3 is nursing, and Kitten2 is drinking from the water dish.  Emmaline is watching me through the window.

Emmaline sits near the front porch steps, again watching me through the window.  Behind her, Kitten2 stands on the top step and eyes her tail with nefarious intent.

Emmaline lays near the front porch steps.  Behind her on the top step, Kitten2 and Kitten3 explore curiously.

Emmaline's butt is visible in the lower right.  Kitten2 is center of the frame, a pudgy and lightly fluffy little thing.

Emmaline is still in the same position, Kitten3 walks past her towards the porch steps.  Kitten3 is also a pudgy and lightly fluffy little thing.

Emmaline hasn't moved.  Kitten3 is sitting next to her butt, looking out over the yard.

Rooney Lee stares up at the camera with an irate look on his face, his mouth open to complain about all the attention the kittens are getting.
Whoops, that’s not a kitten. But he is adorable.

Kitten1, who is ENORMOUSLY fluffy, and Kitten2 eat from a plate of wet food.  Kittens are bottomless pits.  I cringe to think how much food I've opened today.

Emmaline, Kitten1, and Kitten2 nom from a plate of wet food.  Seriously, these cats, they are little black holes for food.  Kitten3 sits a little away from the plate, looking slightly confused.

Emmaline sleeps on the porch, her head on her front paws but her body on its side.  Kitten2, legs stretched to their full tiny length, rests his head on her side, fast asleep.

Bonus: Here is what I see if I go outside. I am hoping Emmaline leaves the kittens under the porch, as big cats can’t get to them there and they don’t have to cross the road to get to the food I put out. Can you find the kitten?
The lattice that lines the bottom of the porch, with some greenery in the way.  If you peer very carefully, you can see the face of Kitten4 through a hole in the lattice.

I have ordered a trap, which will be here Wednesday. Kittens are not an unadulterated joy, because first the trapping, then the taming, then the trying to find them appropriate homes. It’s definitely a “well, shit” kind of situation here. As adorable as they are, I really wish I didn’t have to deal with them. Must get the girls spayed, or at the very least the toms neutered.

5 thoughts on “Are you ready for the cute? Well, ARE YOU?

  1. Yup, the kittens are WAY high on the cute factor. So is the toothless orange and white fellow and the sable canine! :)

    1. Roo was VERY upset about all the food that went out to the kittens. They are such little bottomless pits!

  2. Spike says WE WILL ADOPT ALL THE KITTENS GIVE ME KITTENS. I’m afraid I told him no, sorry.

    I found the porchkitten!

    1. He will have to compete with Zille. She is going to be heartbroken when kittens start finding new homes.

  3. I know spaying is more expensive than neutering (been there, done that), but it’s more effective for preventing extra kittens. Even if the current males in the area are neutered, other males will show up when the females are in heat.

    Good luck with the kittens; they are indeed tons of cute!

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