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A Post Of Happy Things

1) The big yellow dog I pulled out of the road is no longer on PetFinder. His deadline was tomorrow, so I’m thinking this can only mean something good for him. I may never know if his family came and got him, someone adopted him, or he got pulled by rescue, but I’m glad to know he’s out before his literal drop-dead date. And if you’re reading this and you pulled him because of my desperate plea or someone boosting the signal, let me know how he’s doing, k? Also please get him a good fence and let him ride up front in the car because he hates riding in back.

2) The Best Mother Ever saw Emmaline’s kittens while I was in England visiting Daniel. Apparently there’s 3 of them, I’ve seen one at a distance. They’re quite skittish and feral. It’s probably time to buy a cat trap.

3) The Best Mother Ever donated a quilt to be bought by an angel, so Noodlehead’s spay is covered. I don’t want to do Emmaline until the kittens don’t need her anymore, and that will be likely after I start school again and the American taxpayer can fund it. Also if I get a cat trap I can do the toms if I can catch them, although I highly suspect I’ll be trapping Noodlehead and Emmaline and Grace a lot.

2 thoughts on “A Post Of Happy Things

  1. oh I am so glad, I’ve been clicking over periodically and looking at that big happy face of his and praying.

    I hope his family came for him. He looked like a dog someone loved.

  2. I’ve been checking on Big Yellow Dog, and am glad he isn’t listed on PetFinder anymore. I’m hoping that means he has a forever family now. If you do happen to find out more about him, let us know!

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