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Vintage Braxton Bragg

A small black kitten, the front of his neck shaved, lies on top of a canvas and mesh dog crate with one front leg hanging down.  His body is leaned hard to the viewer's left, while his head is upright.

Portrait of the Enforcer as a Young Kitten. This is not too long after I got him home; when I got him he suffered from infected wounds in his neck (hence the shaving) plus two infected ears (with punctured ear drums), and an Upper Respiratory Tract Infection. Also he was incredibly malnourished, such that his body had decided to stop growing fur so it could divert that energy to keeping his organs growing, which meant his hair was a little thin. A kind lady rescued him from a ditch and then I stepped in when her resident cat wanted him dead, hence why I refer to him as a Purebred Sable Tennessee Ditch Cat.

One thought on “Vintage Braxton Bragg

  1. Loving the vintage photos! The photo of Tink (yesterday) is just dear, and Braxton is dashing in spite of his rough start.

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