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Monday Morning Happy: Jeremiah Swakhammer’s World Makes Sense Again

I’m queuing this up on Sunday night. I took Jeremiah out to his new home a little bit before 2000 as it had cooled off enough that it wouldn’t be too much of a shock to his system. He was so. adorable. Seriously. Of course there are pictures, what do you take me for? So here you go, to brighten up your Monday morning: a little bit of a happy as hell teeny turtle, who I may actually never see again now that he has a whole big world to bury himself in.

First, he took a little look around:
Jeremiah Swakhammer, a small Eastern Box turtle with a dark brown shell and striking yellow markings, sits with just his face peeking out of his shell, the rest of him boxed up. His head is mostly dark, but his beak is bright yellow and there are yellow spots on his head. His eyes are brown and dubious. Turtles are often dubious. He is sitting with the front of his plastron at the edge of an 18 inch saucer that you might put under a very large potted plant, which is filled with water.

Then, he got more confident about looking around:
Jeremiah's entire head and part of his neck are now out of his shell as he regards his new domain. His legs remain boxed up.

Then all of a sudden his legs popped out and *bloop!* he dove in to wash the stink of captivity away. At which point I realized that I had freakin forgotten to make him an exit ramp from rocks, and set about finding a bunch of them and opened his enclosure back up and made him an exit ramp.
Jeremiah Swakhammer is now in the saucer of water, just his face and the very top of his shell poking out. He looks much less dubious, but turtles never achieve a complete lack of dubiosity.

I had by now pulled a sweat getting this turtle all set up and later I would have to use sweat odor removal product just to get my shirt back normal but it was worth it! I got to see him wash the stink of the indoors from his handsome self, he made use of the exit ramp:
Jeremiah Swakhammer sits on his exit ramp of rocks, regarding some bright pink petunias with a disapproving gaze. Turtles are often disapproving as well as dubious. The water has made the markings on his face and shell bright, bright gold.

And then he contemplated where to go next. This may actually be the last I see of him for a while, since he has a million billion places to hide in his new domain. But dang, he was one happy little turtle, seriously. I got kinda teary-eyed.
Jeremiah Swakhammer stands next to the bright pink petunias in his brilliant brown and gold shell, majestically contemplating the piles of dead leaves before him. He barely even bothers to be dubious, and is definitely not disapproving.

One thought on “Monday Morning Happy: Jeremiah Swakhammer’s World Makes Sense Again

  1. Coolness extraordinaire! Could he hibernate in this abode? Or would you have to modify it?

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