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My baby girl is getting all grown up.

It’s hard to remember, looking at Zille, that she is the youngest member of the household by a good three years, having just turned two about three weeks ago, I can still see her in her Graco FastAction-Fold-Click-Connect stroller when she was a baby. It’s also hard to remember that she just came to me last September, because she fitted into the house so well it seems like she’s always been here. It wasn’t really luck, but rather the graciousness of my friend C at Blackthorn Kennel[1]. It is an incredibly handy thing, when you are looking to add a third dog, to have a friend who knows you and has watched you interact with your dogs, and how your dogs interact with other dogs, and who also knows her dogs really well, and thus when you say to her “I need an Emergency Backup Dog, hiking trips, for the sharing of. Sable preferred but no good dog is a bad color.” she can come back to you with “Boy do I have the dog for you.”[2] And lo, she was correct and after a meeting to make sure that Zille and Tink would get along (Beowulf is pretty much good with new dogs of all types so I wasn’t as worried about him) I brought Zillekins home with me.

Less than 48 hours later she was hospitalized with what turned out to be a partial intestinal obstruction that required surgery to remove. But I already knew at that point that she was my dog.

So anyway, we’ve had adventures since then and done some training and today as I was getting ready to leave for work I decided it was time to take the last great leap of faith in my dog, and leave her out of her crate. So I did, and got home late because of what amounted to the commute from hell[3], and braced myself for disappointment before walking in the door to discover that Zille had been good as gold, all day.

Well, she and Tink did destuff an old comforter, but they’d started the project last night and I didn’t have the heart to take it away from them. The point is, no new destruction occurred. They probably slept all day while I was at work worrying.

What good dogs I have.

[1] Her blog “Throw the Ball!” is right over there under blogroll, while the official kennel website is under resources, Good Shedders, for the finding of.

[2] Actually, I had been pondering the insanity of raising a puppy, and what C really said was “Would you take Kari and socialize her for a couple weeks?” Oh, she is devious. C, not Zille, whose puppy name was Karisma. Zillekins doesn’t have a devious bone in her body.

[3] Not because of traffic, but because of two accidents roughly 45 miles apart, each one with a fatality.

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