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Emmaline, bring me your children.

So today after I got home from work I caught up with Emmaline, and scritched and petted until she was relaxed enough to fall over on her side and show me her nipples. I am 98% sure that she is feeding kittens, because per a doctor friend’s description of lactating mammary glands, Emmaline’s boobs are warm and Emmaline herself is ravenous, and per cat people’s descriptions of lactating cats, her nipples are protuberant and also the hair around them is stuck down with what is presumably kitten spit.

This is a family blog, so obviously I am not going to plaster pictures of cat nipples all over it (I don’t even want to think what search terms are going to come up on my “What people searched for to find your blog” box now that I have mentioned cat nipples), but you can go here or here to see Emmaline’s nipples in all their kitten-spitty glory.

Meanwhile, I have had another very serious discussion with Emmaline about the need to bring these kittens up to the house so I can bring the whole little family in and get everyone vetted and look for homes. She purred at me but I don’t think she actually, y’know, listened.

2 thoughts on “Emmaline, bring me your children.

  1. Boy, for Emmaline, the Manor is serving as a Kitty Spa for her to get good food, a massage and some Emmaline-time! I’m crossing fingers and toes for ID’s for the Manor Kittens as soon as they are a little older!

    1. Selm, I think you have it exactly right, which may be why she’s not bringing me kittens! After all, who wants to bring infants to the spa? I’m crossing my fingers, too, though!

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