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What a way to make a living…

So normally, my schedule goes something like this:
0415 Alarm goes off. So does Roo. Get up, turn alarm off. Look in vain for button to mute Roo.
0500 Roo still whining for breakfast. Get tired of it, stop catching up on the internet and feed people.
0510 Shower, get dressed, get ready for work.
0540 Try to leave for work, discover Emmaline and Noodlehead would like breakfast.
0545 Actually leave for work.
0640 Stop at McDonald’s for oatmeal
0645 Arrive at work.
[Insert Work Here]
1500ish Depart work
1600ish Arrive at home, Roo begins whining for dinner.
1700 Tire of listening to Roo whine, feed people. Check porch for outdoor cats wanting dinner.
1715 Dogs announce loudly that outdoor cats are on porch. Interrupt evening activity to feed them.
2000 Go to bed

Except today and tomorrow, I have meetings 0900 to 1700. Ouch. I can’t expect to be home til 1800, which means not feeding people until 0600. I tried setting my alarm for 0515, thinking I could get extra sleep but…not so much. Zille went off at 0330, Roo went off at 0415 as usual, I gave up and got out of bed and got to listen to nearly TWO HOURS of Roo whining for his breakfast because I didn’t want them going more than 12 hours without food (I fed them dinner late last night).

So if I drop off the internet for the next couple of days, well, it’s because work has no problem resetting my schedule, but as far as I can tell no one has invented a reset button for Roo. I don’t know what was up with Zillekins, she swore there was a horrible monster in the back yard that needed barking at, and I can’t sleep through barking so I let them out to go run whatever it was off. I’ve seen a fox (or maybe a coyote) checking out the back of the fence line previously, but knowing dogs it may have been an early-rising butterfly. Needless to say, I am not going to be at my best and brightest today at the office.

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