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Zille, Macha, and a Disapproving Toad

While I’m waiting for the sun to come up enough for me to go check on Noodlehead, and also torturing Rooney Lee by not feeding him despite the fact that he’s been whining at me for an hour now, I worked up pics from yesterday’s visit from my friend C.

While Macha was nervous at first, Zille’s repertoire of play bows, bounces, and scampers put her at her ease:
Macha, a bicolor German Shedder puppy in a red collar who has a glossy black coat and elegant tan legs, has pinned Zille, a sable German Shedder bitch who is easily twice her size at least.  Zille's mouth is open, showing a fearsome array of shiny white teeth.  Macha is straddling Zille's shoulders and head, and is clearly not worried about the teeth.

Then Zille showed her how to cool her tummy off by splashing in the wading pool:
Zille digs in a small light blue plastic wading pool, the end result of which is that her belly and legs are splashed with water, while Macha watches attentively.

After some zooming, all pictures of which turned out unacceptably blurry, Macha decided it was time to give splashing a try:
Macha digs and splashes in the pool just like Zille showed her how to do, while Zille looks on approvingly.

Then everyone splashed together (we had to refill the pool a couple times in the middle of all this splashing):
Macha and Zille stand facing each other with their forelegs in the wading pool, digging at the water to splash their bellies.

Zille was excessively pleased with herself for teaching the puppy to do something messy:
A full body shot of Zille who stands, turned about three quarters to the camera, grinning and ears up with about ten miles of wet pink tongue dangling out of her mouth.

Then there was fetchy with a stick:
To the left is me, a skinnyish woman in jeans and a black t-shirt, holding a stick out of reach of Macha, who is in the act of sitting with her back to the camera.  Zille stands in front of me, staring at me attentively in the hopes that this will cause me to throw the stick faster.

Macha sits with her body in profile to the camera but her face turned toward it, watching someone just outside of the shot.  This someone can be reasonably assumed to be holding the fetchy stick, because Zille, who is sitting almost face-on to the camera, is also staring at the same someone.

Zille is a very diplomatic dog, good at putting puppies at their ease, but she was not about to let the puppy have that fetchy stick:
Zille trots with one end of a stick in her mouth, her ears and eyes betraying joy and satisfaction at the fact that she has once again convinced someone to play fetch with her, and also the fact that she has a stick that Macha really wants but cannot have.  Macha tags along behind, focused on the stick but too clever to make a try for it.

Disapproving Toad did not appreciate all this activity in the yard:
Disapproving Toad, a dusty greyish toad with black markings, sits facing the camera on the dirt between clumps of grass and disapproves of all the excitement in the yard.  This is clearly one of the most disapproving amphibians ever.

4 thoughts on “Zille, Macha, and a Disapproving Toad

  1. As much as I love Zille and the puppy is cute, that toad is the BEST EVAR TOAD ON EARTH. I love him. Or her. The end.

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  4. I have a Macha too, although mine is a kitteh. Also black. Does that Macha have a white star on her chest?

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