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An eventful Saturday at the Manor

Actually, the morning passed in blissful leisure. The afternoon was happy activity, my friend C (of Blackthorn Kennel) who bred Zille came over, bringing with her puppy Macha, Zille’s half sister. Pictures later, when I’ve had a chance to process them. Macha was a little nervous at first but Zille used her best bounces, play bows, and scampers, and soon the half-sisters were having a grand good time playing bitey-face, smacking each other on the head with their paws, and then Zille taught Macha how to splash all the water out of the wading pool.

Finally, Shedders worn out to good behavior, we came into the house where Macha was adorable and thought the Manor was Disneyland–toys everywhere! A cat who would kinda play with her! New foods like tomato and blueberry and the same kibble the big dogs got at dinner time! She was less than skilled at eating the cherry tomato and eventually gave up at which point Tink took it, but she got the hang of blueberries pretty quickly. Macha was also small enough to fit through the cat doors at the bottoms of the gates that protect the bedrooms from dogs. Whoops! She didn’t LOOK small enough to fit, but apparently can collapse herself partially into another dimension. Luckily, being a good puppy, she did not use her powers for evil and dig through the litter boxes, she just played with Rooney Lee and tried to steal a couple stuffed mice. When we caught on that the cats were NOT the ones giving her the toys and closed the cat gates (the cats can also go over), she decided on a bone to chew and even tried out Zille’s dog bed.

When C left, taking Macha with her, Noodlehead was on the front porch. I gave her food, she ate it, and hung around yelling and also biting and hissing if anyone tried to touch her. She wasn’t giving serious bites, just warning nips, but the Best Mom Ever and I heeded the warnings and stopped trying to touch her. I’m pretty sure she’s in the early stages of labor. We were a bit worried we’d have to sit on the porch with her all night as she got very upset every time either one of us left, but eventually she adjourned to the cat shelter in the woods at the edge of my front yard (not far from where the turtle was Saturday morning) and hopefully she intends to stay there if she really is about to have kittens. Once the sun’s up a little bit, we’ll go out and check on her.

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