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I wish I had a clever title here.

Cats are evil. I’m pretty sure Noodlehead is about to give birth, she came up to say hello and get love but didn’t want her gooshy food. Neither could I convince her to either hang around or perhaps come in the house, oh no.

Then Emmaline came up to finish off the gooshy food. Bringing a kitty I thought was Briar Rose until she got closer. Gentle readers, allow me to introduce to you Grace:
A calico kitty walks toward the camera.  She is mostly grey and yellow, with white under her chin and chest and white on each neat little paw.

She was a little nervy about the noise of my camera, but so was Emmaline in the beginning, who is now not only a consistent visitor, but incredibly affectionate to boot.
Grace stares at the camera, giving you an excellent view of her green eyes and her lovely face, which is mostly brown-grey tabby except for her right cheekbone, which is splashed with golden yellow.

At least she was pleased with the food on offer, and provided the obligatory tongue shot to prove that she belongs to the tribe of Manor Cats:

Thanks to my friend Kate over at Om Shanti Handcrafts for naming her! For those keeping score at home, we’re up to four cats who let me get within 5 feet: Noodlehead (the tabby and white with less white), the original, who brought up Emmaline (the tabby and white with more white), who brought up Briar Rose (the calico with more white) and then Grace (the calico with less white). Then there are the three toms, Patriarch (tabby and white), Romeo (grey and white), and Orange Tom What Hasn’t Got A Name Yet (solid orange). And those are the ones I know about. Eep.

One thought on “I wish I had a clever title here.

  1. You’ll need to name one Coraline, I think. Maybe one with a lot of orange spatters. :)

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