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One for sorrow, two for joy, three for a girl…

So first there was Noodlehead.
Noodlehead, a small tabby and white kitty with a lot of tabby on her face, stares at the camera resentfully, wishing it would go away so she could finish her wet food.

Noodlehead was very wary, but the dedicated application of gooshy food turned her into a cat who likes her pettins when she comes up for her snacks, although trying to bring her inside proved disastrous. Then one day, Noodlehead showed up with her sister, Emmaline:
Emmaline and Noodlehead stare into the camera over a plate of wet food.  Emmaline is also tabby and white, but her face is mostly white instead of mostly tabby.

And lo, Emmaline was initially skittish, but she too decided to enjoy pettins along with her snacks, and got to the point that she would yell at the front door for her gooshy food if the human seemed slow in providing it. And then one day, Emmaline showed up with her sister.
Emmaline and SisterTwo, only the tops of their heads visible as they eat from the same plate of wet food.  SisterTwo is a calico tabby and white, her grey-brown tabby areas broken up with splashes of orange.  The two kitties are mirror images in terms of head angle and ear position, if mirrors added (or removed) orange spots.

SisterTwo did not really want to hang out with me. She did chat, but clearly didn’t want me too close. She did, however, REALLY want that gooshy food, badly.
SisterTwo displays her lovely calico coat as she sniffs at the gooshy food.

She was also not going to interrupt her eating for anything, not even having her picture taken so I could make her world famous on the Manor of Mixed Blessings. She did, however, manage to work her tongue into one shot. In addition to the fact that she is shaped JUST like Emmaline and Noodlehead, this gratuitous display of tongue is how I know for sure she is related to them.
SisterTwo pauses in the eating of wet food to lick her lips just in time for her tongue to appear in a picture.  This is how you know she is a purebred Manor Cat.  Accept no substitutes.

SisterTwo needs a better name. You know what to do, Internets.

2 thoughts on “One for sorrow, two for joy, three for a girl…

  1. Ender? For she is Third and hopefully the last for a while?

  2. Patch?
    MishMash/ Miss Mash?
    UB/EweBee/YouBe/Ubi for ubiquitous tongue?

    I love her little mis-matched eyebrows!

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