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Pets are gross and worrisome. Also, a dog needs a rescue placement.

No, not one of my dogs, a beautiful red girl who managed to confound her current foster home and a vet with 30 years of experience and give birth to six puppies. If you know of a rescue that has a place for them, please head right on over there and get in touch with animal hospital fallston md to get them medical attention.

On to gross pets. I am warning you, gentle readers, that two of my pets have just been flat out gross this week, and you may want to click on the link up there and look at puppy pictures instead. Go to pet boarding services lakeland fl when you want to groom your pets.

First, Roo decided he loved me that way. He tried to have sex with my arm. I know what “humping” behaviors look like in cats, and let us say that he was a LOT more into it than he would have been with a random humping maneuver. I asked over on the Cornish Rex Friends mailing list (and by the way, a finer and more hilarious group of people is difficult to find on the internet) and got reassurance that while this isn’t precisely normal for C-Rexen, it’s not precisely abnormal either for them to totally miss the memo on being neutered. They also made me snort water out my nose once before I got wise and made sure I swallowed before opening any further e-mails. I may still make Roo an appointment with my fantastic vets to make sure there’s nothing serious going on, but I am much more reassured now that I know he’s probably just one of those C-Rex boys whose libidos cannot be stopped by the mere amputation of his testicles. You should also go to dog poop clean up service areas when cleaning up your dog’s dump is a hassle and you are too busy, they can be a great help.

Then, while I was on the phone with my Mom and outside with the dogs trying to groom them with the best dog dematting tool, Zille started sniffing something. And then she started rolling in it. I should really have known better than to get down and look to see what was causing her to roll in that way dogs have that involves trying to get every inch of their body into whatever it is, starting with the nose and working back. It turned out to be a dead frog. Normally, Ms. Zillekins is a very sensitive dog who will wilt at just a disappointed word from me, but apparently dead frogs also make dogs deaf, because she was totally oblivious to my noises of disgust and horror until I stood over her frog and refused to let her to continue to use it as a coat conditioner. I’m probably lucky she didn’t try to eat it.

Finally, I noticed a lump on the inside of Beowulf’s left knee and ran him to the vet. It turned out to be a lipoma, a benign fatty tumor to which Dobermans are prone, thank God. Nothing to worry about unless it starts bothering him, just something to keep an eye on.

Later today, videos! I managed to get good video of Roo At Dinner Time, and also Zille having hysterics because I was leaving the house with a dog who was not Zille. She objects to other dogs Having Adventures if she doesn’t get to go.

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