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Well that didn’t go so well.

Mom and I made the attempt to bring Little Tabby Girl, aka Noodlehead (don’t ask), inside this morning. I really really wish this were going to be a picture post full of shot of her lounging around in the bathroom, happy with her new circumstances, but cats and life don’t always go how we want them to go. I got her into the bathroom, at which point she panicked and began trying to climb the walls. Luckily I was able to towel her and get her back into the carrier and thence back outside, where she calmed down immediately but I’m afraid our relationship has been slightly damaged. Hopefully it’s repairable.

She’s going to have to get trapped at SOME point here, she needs to be spayed and vax’d. I’m pretty sure she’s actually pregnant at the moment, and her kittens have only the slimmest shot at making it under these circumstances. But clearly she isn’t going to be an indoor kitty, which means the next step is probably to set up better housing on my porch, at least, and try to convince her to make this her base of operations so I can keep an eye on her. She was friendly enough before I attempted to bring her in, so I’m hopeful that the earnest offerings of wet food and treats will convince her that I meant well, at least, and re-establish our friendship.


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  1. I am pulling for Noodlehead to give up the ways of the wild kitty and join the indoor clan. Has she forgiven you yet?

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