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Jackson Pawlick is ready to go home, update on SpareKitty.

The problem is that at the moment, Mr. Jackson Pawlick needs a home to go to! He’s my friend E’s foster kitty. E is Roo’s Guardian Angel, who pulled him from the shelter, nursed his cold, put up with his horrible pee problems, and then dangled him under my nose. When I bit, she drove 8 hours to meet me in Ohio and hand Roo off, and the rest has been history! So you know with credentials like that, E is a supplier of quality retreadrescue felines. Of Mr. Jackson Pawlick, she says, “He’s 4-5 years old, healthy, UTD on vax, chipped, neutered, and negative for FeLk and FIV. He gets along splendidly with dogs and cats and children, has impeccable litterbox usage, and was 4-paw declawed.” What she does not mention are his enchanting green eyes and his fantastic whiskers.

Please click right here to read about Mr. Jackson Pawlick and see some absolutely enchanting pictures which prove my assertions about his eyes and whiskers. He is a handsome fella for sure, and I just want to hug him and smoosh gently on his magnificently be-whiskered face. He’s in Naperville, Illinois, so if you’re in the area or you know someone who is, and there is a deep need for a striking black and white kitty, well, there you go. Problem solved. You can thank me later.

For those of you who were wondering what became of the little tabby girl I sent off to Illinois not long ago, she had her kittens! One stillbirth, one runt, and three hale and hearty little beasts. Best wishes to Stinky (so christened because of an unfortunate and messy pooping incident on the way to the airport) and her babies, and to her owner, who is going to need all the help he can get in the period between when kittens become ambulatory and when they can finally leave for their new homes.

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