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Just another satanic Monday…

Tink had her yearly exam today, which meant she stayed at the vet all day, got shot up with a vaccine or two, and came home cranky. Zille really really missed her. Tink did not care, she just wanted to pass out. Observe:

Tink, a fawn Doberman, and Zille, a sable German Shedder, lie on the futon.  Zille is attempting to suck up by licking Tink's face.  Tink's face has the world's most Satanic expression on it: glowing red eyes, and a huge snarl.  She does not like being licked.

Food Lady over at WooTube has dubbed that face “Mad Teeth(tm)” when her bitch Piper does it. Tink would like to form the Sisterhood Of The Traveling Mad Teeth with Piper.

Actually, she’d just like to continue to chew her marrow bone, and nap. But she got a clean bill of health and that’s the important thing!

3 thoughts on “Just another satanic Monday…

  1. lawwwl holy crap, Tink :D

  2. So evil looking.

    You need an rss feed thingy on your blog!

  3. […] Confidential to whoever got here googling “satanic bitch” — I’m pretty sure this was not the Satanic bitch you had in mind. But I assure you, Tink can be pretty diabolical when she sets her mind to it. Comments (0) | […]

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