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Spring dog pics

The sun is lovely and it’s warm and gorgeous out for the first time in what feels like a million billion years, so I took dog pics. The Dobes refused to pose for me, but Zille practiced her eye contact like nobody’s business!

First, I made Tink model the hat I just finished knitting, which is probably going to get me maimed in my sleep since Tink hates hats.

A fawn Doberman wears a purple and blue stocking cap, which covers her eyes.  Something about her posture indicates that the person who put that hat on her is going to suffer.

Once the hat got put away, Beowulf tried to convince Zille to play with him. When he gets familiar with another dog, he gives up on the niceties of playbows and instead attempts to initiate play by stuffing the other dog’s head in his mouth, like so:

A very tall black and tan male Dobe tries to swallow the head of a sable German Shepherd, whose body language indicates she is highly dubious about this whole thing.

However, Zille did not wish to play. She wanted to practice staring at me in the hopes that I would throw a ball.

A sable female German Shedder Dog stares with soft and loving eyes at the photographer, in the hopes that the photographer will throw a ball for her.

I tried to get a good pic of Tink, but Tink was still pissed about the hat thing and refused to look at the camera. Still, you can get a look at how absolutely amazing her coat is right now! She show no signs of shedding it out, either. But check it, you can’t see her skin anywhere. She’s even a little glossy!

A fawn female Dobe with an amazing coat stares intently at something on the ground beside her as a pretext for ignoring the photographer, who made her wear a hat.

Meanwhile, Zille practiced Advanced Staring: the three-quarters face stare.

A sable female German Shedder Dog sits with her face turned three-quarters profile to the camera, and yet still manages to stare at the photographer.  Damn, she's good.

I finally got tired of being stared at, so I threw a ball. Unfortunately, that didn’t end the staring.

A sable German Shedder Dog sits with a tennis ball in her mouth and stares in earnest good faith at the photographer, in an attempt to psychically induce the photographer to take the ball and throw it.

I’d say we’re getting reeeaaally good with the eye contact thing.

5 thoughts on “Spring dog pics

  1. Haha, of course, now you’ve taught her that staring at you will get her ball thrown, she will be doing it constantly – hypno-stalker dog mode!

    1. Yeah, every time I turn around now, I’m being stared at intently. It’s kind of disconcerting at times!

  2. It’s quite evident that Zillie wishes to be a Good Dog!

    1. She definitely lives to be a Good Dog! Which is a nice change from some dogs I could mention, who live to embarrass me.

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