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Sometimes I am mean to dogs, redux.

So I’ve had a stressful couple of days for no good reason really, things have actually been going pretty well but EVERY LITTLE THING just drives me nuts. In an effort to cheer myself up, I played dress-up with Tink.

And then I read this interview with Cherie Priest wherein she speculates on casting for a Boneshaker movie.

And then I accidentally captioned a picture and it’s totally not my fault you guys, I swear.

Can I just note that Tink is a really tolerant and patient dog when cheese is involved?

Tink the fawn doberman stares dubiously at the camera.  She is wearing Doggles, the lens over her blind eye smoked and the one over her good eye clear, and a slouch hat.  The caption reads 'Hay Cherie!  I iz steampunk enuff for part in Boneshaker movee?'

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