12 November, 2012

Patience is not my strong suit

So yesterday I worked like a bugger to get the shop ready to open, and then just couldn’t wait until Tuesday to open it. So as of this morning you may visit Holy Goats Emporium for your soap and lotion needs. As a thank you to my faithful readers, use the code BLOG10 to take 10% off your order!

18 November, 2010

There might be soap. Also, there was a reunion.

My apologies for the hiatus, gentle readers. We were plagued by rain, which takes down my primitive satellite internet connection. There are a lot of joys to living in the middle of nowhere, but “fast and reliable internet access” isn’t one of them.

Tuesday, however, was a monumental day! For one, I took my soap out of the molds and cut it, and now I am trying desperately to ignore its presence so that it can cure for six weeks or so. Behold!
Three paper plates sit on top of a cardboard box in the Closet of Wonders.  On top of each paper plate are four chunky square bars of what is possibly soap.  It is yellow and mostly sort of translucent except where it is a pale yellow opaque color.

I think it will function as soap when it’s done curing, so success!

And then Tuesday night I went down to the Fountain Bookstore in Richmond to see Cherie Priest do a reading and Q&A for her book Dreadnought, which was fantastic. Braxton Bragg is totally Cherie’s fault. She has also met and adored the Dobes, who adored her in return because she is like that. Alas, none of the Usual Suspects got to go with us, since I had no idea if the store was dog-friendly and Roo would have whined during the reading. Still, we had a happy reunion and a generally good time of things.

In other news, there were two eggs yesterday! Today there was only one egg. But still, that means we are at four edible eggs, two from each chicken, and so the cost of the eggs has dropped to $200 each. Oh and now that we are reasonably certain that the black chicken is an Australorp (I just like saying “Australorp”) which is an Australian variant of the trusty Orpington breed, the girls have names.

The Australorp is Matilda, as in Waltzing. The silver-laced Wyandotte is Lorena, after a Civil-War-era song popular amongst the soldiers, since the Wyandotte is a US breed that made its appearance right around the Civil War. We are looking at adding a Welsummer here shortly, and she will need a Dutch name. Suggestions gratefully accepted.

15 November, 2010

As a wise woman once said…

Come the zombie apocalypse, I’m going to be in demand. Well, if this works, I will. Gentle readers, there might be soap.

Not, of course, the soap I was planning on making, because FedEx is, as far as I can tell, a company composed entirely of asshats. They were supposed to deliver my oils and smellygood fragrance oil on Friday. Instead of delivering my package, the delivery driver fraudulently marked it “Delivery Exception – Incorrect House Number”. Right. So I checked the site I’d ordered from, and I’d given them the right house number. I called FedEx, tracking number in hand, and asked what address was on the package. According to their system, it was the correct house number. I am forced to assume the FedEx driver for the back of beyond here just decided he didn’t feel like visiting the Manor of Mixed Blessings that day. The customer service person I spoke to told me that there was no way I could possibly have my package until Monday despite the fact that I’d planned my Sunday around soap.

Then Saturday, on my way home from class, what did I see? A FedEx truck out making deliveries, five miles from the Manor. Right. I am so done with FedEx and any company who forces me to use them at this point. In the past four packages I’ve had delivered via FedEx, I’ve had horrifying problems with two of them. That is not a good ratio. On the other hand, I’ve had a blue million packages delivered via UPS, and can put it out of my mind because the boxes always arrive safely, in good condition, handed over by a driver who always has a smile and a kind word.

So at any rate, on our Sunday grocery trip I picked up a kilogram of olive oil, and made a side trip to A. C. Moore for smellygood. And I made soap, I think. The scum of it in the bowl after I mixed it was trying desperately to foam when I was cleaning my implements, which is a good sign! Now if the stuff I poured will just harden, I am a happy happy camper. On the other hand, it’s still got to sit for 3-4 days at least before I can pop it out of the molds, and then it has to sit for a month after that to cure, so I still won’t be USING handmade soap, even if this worked, until mid-December. At which point I may just decide to wrap it in home-made paper, tie it with hand-spun yarn, and say “MARTHA STEWART CAN BITE ME” and also “OH LOOK CHRISTMAS PRESENTS.” Ahem.

At any rate, I have chickens. And I might have soap. I think my best beloved is planning on making homemade bread this week, too. Come the zombie apocalypse, we are going to be set.

7 November, 2010

Busy fall is still busy.

The chicken run is nearly done. The house has straw in the nest boxes, the run just needs a roof and a door; we are hoping for chickens next weekend! Very exciting stuff. We’re also poking at chicken breeds since we intend to acquire a couple more chickens in the spring. I covet Araucanas, Americanas, or Easter Eggers, all of which carry the gene to lay greeny-blue eggs.

My soap-making supplies should be here next week, so another WOO! Possibly there will be time to try soap after chickenish business is done. Meanwhile I have a couple simple patterns to try and need to drag out my sewing machine and get to work on ’em.

In other news, the Porch Cam has spotted a small black and white kitten as of last night. We’re going to keep an eye on the camera and see if it’s coming up the same time every night or thereabouts, and if so then we’re going to make an attempt at trapping it, which may require staying up late as I don’t want to leave a small kitten in the trap overnight. On the other hand, I am slightly worried that we will catch a bunch of coons and possums before we ever get a kitten. Wish us luck!