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Dairy Goat Profile: Esk

A photo from my POV that shows Esk, a tiny Nigerian Dwarf Goat who is white with orange spots, standing on her back legs with her front hooves on my hips and a mouthful of my t-shirt.

Few people realize that Nigerian Dwarf Goats serve a purpose besides being tiny and adorable. As you can see from this picture of Esk, they are also tiny hooved terrorists waiting to wreak havoc on unsuspecting bipeds. It is rare to get a picture of Esk that does not involve her having a mouthful of someone’s hair or clothing.

Esk is almost a year old, and is one of the first two dairy goats I brought home. While their tiny teats are hard to milk, the milk they give ranges up to 10% butterfat. Compare that to the paltry 3.25% butterfat of whole cow milk you buy at the store! And while they only give a couple quarts a day, that’s more than sufficient for a household of two humans. But most people just write Nigerian Dwarf Goats off as adorable little bundles of terror and fail to give them sufficient credit for producing delicious milk that is just asking to be made into amazing cheeses and frozen dairy snacks. This makes Esk sad.

Of course, Esk’s life is not all grain and roses (goats love to eat roses). She would like to be a lap goat, but her inability to control herself when it comes to tasty, tasty human clothing and hair means that she is exiled from being cuddled more often than not, and has to settle for having her face, neck, and body vigorously scritched. Your awareness of the plight of dairy goats like Esk will help her receive Self Control Therapy, so she can learn to avoid trying to eat people and thus get more lap time.

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Being a lady of leisure is not as fun as I hoped.

I’m two days into unemployment and already looking for ways to get myself in trouble. Next week I’m probably going to start Siddy on herding. We enlarged the goat paddock today and could definitely have used a good herding dog’s help! So Sid shall become a dual-purpose dog, hopefully.

In other news, Annabelle is currently shacked up in connubial bliss with a blue-eyed boyfriend, which means kids from her in September. Once she’s knocked up, Esk will go done and spend some time with a buck, and be due to kid in October. Our winter milk and cheese supply is therefore assured. Josie, due in late April or early May, continues to inflate like a hairy balloon on legs, and her udder seems to be filling.

Meanwhile I’ve applied for unemployment and am waiting for the determination letter to tell me how generous (HAHAHAHA) my payments will be. And Daniel has secured perhaps the coolest part-time job ever being a bad guy for the FBI. So we’re doing all right despite it all, but given my boredom levels I think I might reconsider my plan to take this summer off from school.