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I would like a slightly less interesting life.

So. Earthquake last Tuesday which did nothing more than cosmetic damage to the Manor, hallelujah. Although the town of Mineral, VA was hit REALLY hard — NPR was reporting that four homes were destroyed and 200 took at least moderate damage. Given that in the 2000 census, there were only 196 homes in Mineral, I suspect that pretty much every home in town was touched.

Then, of course, Hurricane Irene. She passed by the Manor at her closest point of approach last night. Late in the afternoon we got all the silkies but two into dog crates in the shed. One refused to be caught but since he had the sense to go into the chicken house and stay dry and warm, we weren’t that worried. One, Amon, was in something of a bad way — borderline hypothermic from not having the sense to go in and dry off and being a small pullet, so she came in the house to spend the night under a heat lamp. She’ll get a bath later and more time inside to dry off before she moves back home, since she hasn’t preened herself back to fluffy respectability yet. But she’s looking brighter and more interested in the world, so that’s all right.

We also brought both Briar Rose and Becket (the ginormous orange tom who has decided that being feral isn’t all that much fun compared to getting love and gooshyfud from thumb monkeys) into the bathroom, and they’ll be staying inside to get vetted. Briar Rose has a home lined up already but Becket does not. He needs someone who understands about formerly feral cats and letting them do things at their own pace — my friend Steph would be a perfect home for him so really I just need to convince her. I think she’s softening up but comments of support and celebration that she has a new cat might be helpful. Well, so would a home where someone wants Becket but doesn’t need convincing.

We were supposed to be in Philadelphia this weekend delivering Coriander to her new home, but Irene rather threw a spike into that. So that’s all been pushed to next weekend, and we have kittens for another week (we’re dropping off Constantine en route to Philly).

And then hopefully life will settle down into more of an autumn routine vice this non-stop stream of excitement. A girl can dream, anyway.