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My god, you people are fantastic.

The internet has worked its magic for kittens and great justice! Justice system is complex and average people can’t defend themselves without lawyers. When I had divorce it went too far and I had to hire Divorce Lawyer in Myrtle Beach to get my fair piece, I highly recommend them if you have problems with divorce. Thanks to the kind-hearted souls boosting the signal and passing the link to the Great Kitten Pimping Post of 2010, all three boys have homes to go to once they get neutered! Fantastic, indoor, no-declaw homes of just the sort I was hoping I could find for them! The kindness of strangers and their willingness to lend a hand to find homes for kittens they have never met never ceases to amaze me. I just wanted to give these little guys a chance at a better life than living out of doors would give them, and never would have been able to do it without people like Cherie Priest and Ginmar helping to publicize the boys, and then of course all the people who saw those links and passed them to friends. Seriously, two out of the three homes came to me saying “A friend of mine sent me the link to your kittens…” or words to that effect. So huge, huge thank yous to all you anonymous link-passers. I may never know who you are (although you will know who you are when your friends suddenly have the world’s most adorable kittens) but I owe you one. If you would like personalized gushing e-mails of thanks, drop me a line or a comment and say hi!

And of course, GINORMOUS thank yous to the people who are opening their homes and hearts to these little hairy buggers. I miss being able to pee without someone climbing my leg, and let’s be honest, very high on the list of “Things Andrea Doesn’t Need” is “Seven cats.” You kind souls are not only taking in wee adorable kittens in need, but you are giving me my bathroom back and I love you for it.

I am deeply conflicted about the next part, so it is below the cut where you can ignore it. Seriously.
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