4 July, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

I am still in England. In fact, today I am meeting my future in-laws, and I believe there are plans to see Malmesbury Abbey.

Hope you’re having a good 4th of July (if you live in the USA!)

Oh, heck, I hope you have a good day even if it doesn’t include fireworks.

If you’re wondering what I think about when the Usual Suspects aren’t running me ragged, I believe S. E. Smith over at This Ain’t Livin is running a guest post I wrote on the immigration process today.

31 May, 2010

Lady of the Manor 2, Road 0

I had to run some errands this morning as the Manor was in desperate need of resupply; I was running low on food for the Manor Cats, and was completely out of dog food. Oh, plus I needed food for myself. So off I went, and first had to stop to herd a black snake out of the road, and then an Eastern Box Turtle darted out in front of me, so I stopped and helped him on his way. Unfortunately conditions weren’t safe for photos, he was a lovely dark reddish orange.

Having done my good deeds for the day I choogled off to Tractor Supply Co, the grocery store, and the local feed store, where I picked up food for all and sundry plus Frontline for the Manor Cats, or at least the three little girls who let me handle them. So far I’ve gotten Emmaline, I’ll have to wait on Noodlehead and then seduce Briar Rose (formerly SisterTwo) into letting me goo her later.

I also picked up kitten-feeding supplies on the principle that I know how cats are, and if I don’t have kitten-feeding supplies on hand, then one of them will be a total bastard and deposit neonatal kittens on my doorstep. Probably on a Sunday night, leaving me with no choice but to take a box of kittens to work with me on Monday so I can feed them every two hours while I look for someone who can foster them. Cats are mean like that.

And now, having been productive, I think I’m going to eat lunch and then settle in on the futon with dogs to watch a zombie movie.

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