Where to even begin…

Let’s see. Since I last updated:

1) Esk had her baby, Mixed Blessings Sophia (Sophie to her friends). Unlike the previous two does, who chose to make me stay up all night with them, Esk didn’t even let me know she was in labor. We went out for evening goat check one tuesday night and bam, baby goat.

2) Josie and First didn’t work out at their new home, so they’re back at the Manor for the moment. Once I get some good pics of them, they’ll go back on the For Sale page.

3) Frankie Four Feet has a home, he’ll be going to Roanoke once he’s old enough to be weaned. So he needs to come off the for sale page.

4) I am having a horrible time keeping up with a full time class load and suspect I’m going to have to just cave and drop two classes.

5) Great things are in the works! Which is part of why I’ve been busy as hell. But look for a site redesign coming soon, along with my new project which is mysterious and fabulous and other things ending in ous!

Oh, and I got an update from Crispin and Clementine’s people, so I’m queueing up a picture of them which will brighten your entire day.

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2 Responses to “Where to even begin…”

  1. lauredhel
    0141 on October 13th, 2012

    You are a woman of mystery indeed.

    SURPRISE GOAT! Awesome. Sorry about the classload, though.

  2. Selma
    1542 on October 15th, 2012

    Oh my gosh, I thought of you when I watched the video of Buttermilk, the jumping baby Nigerian Dwarf goat!

    Ooh mysterious and fabulous things that end in ous??? How exciting! :)

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