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Weekend Fun Incoming

This Saturday is the big fall livestock sale at Gilmanor, 12187 Chewning Rd in Glen Allen, VA. I’ll be out there with all the extra bantams (pairs of banty Sumatras & OEGBs in a couple colors), two pairs of coturnix quail, and a pair of juvenile standard size Old English Games in ginger red, they’re nothing like the video games kids play in computers with their best mouse league of legends. So, y’know, feel free to come on out if you’re in the area and buy chickens, or just say hi and then go buy chickens (or pigs, or ponies, or puppies) from one of the other vendors. GilManor is where the small farmers come to sell off their spare livestock before they have to feed it all winter, and there’s often some really good deals going on.

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