Living in interesting times.

Wow, I am REALLY never commenting on the boringness of my life ever again. On Monday evening, my left knee started swelling and itching. By bedtime, I was having a full-blown allergic reaction to God knows what, which necessitated a trip to Urgent Care on Tuesday morning, where I was dosed up with prednisone and antihistamines.

Prednisone is great — I’m full of energy, not in pain, feel like I could run marathons. Oh, yeah, and I can’t get to sleep before 2300 (11pm for people who do civilian time). Also I’m starving to death all. the. time. This meant I stayed home from work again on Wednesday, and today I’ll be getting Daniel to drive me in and then pick me up at the end of the day. Of course, today I also start tapering the prednisone down from 50mg to 40mg, so maybe tonight I’ll actually be able to fall asleep. A girl can dream, anyway. If she’s not on prednisone.

This whole thing would be slightly less scary if I’d been exposed to anything unusual Monday, but I hadn’t been. So it wasn’t a matter of “oh, yeah, I’d been out rolling around on the back acre” or “hey, maybe it was that thing I ate.” Just, y’know, sudden swelling and fiendish itching, all of it concentrated on my knees with outliers at my elbows, wrists, shoulders, and fingers.

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  1. Laughingrat
    0819 on February 9th, 2012

    Ugh, augh. That sounds terrible. Are the symptoms starting to decrease a little?

  2. Selma
    1329 on February 9th, 2012

    Do you take any supplements on a daily basis? Something as simple as aspirin or fish oil can be tolerated one day and trigger an allergic reaction the next.

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