Answering Googled Questions

Q: Is Daniel a noodle head?

A: No. Noodlehead is one of our cats. She is tabby and white and looks skeptical a lot, like this:
Full-face portrait of a tabby and white cat.  Her chin, whisker pads, and chest are all white, and the rest of her bits are tabby; but there is a loop of white that outlines her nose.

Daniel is 6’4″, not tabby at all, and also not a cat. Sometimes, he has a chicken on his head:
Daniel with his eyes closed and a Mona Lisa smile on his face.  There is a small stripey adolescent chicken standing on his head.

You can see it’s not terribly difficult to tell the two apart.

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  1. Jack
    0544 on November 9th, 2011

    Sometimes these things need to be clarified.

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