And in other Manor Cat news…

On the first of August, Crispin and Clementine go in to get neutered and spayed, respectively. Then that weekend they head off to their new home, at which point the bathroom will be empty and the plan is to try and bring their mother, Briar Rose, in. We haven’t seen hide or hair of the other two kittens lately, but we have seen several large toms hanging around, and tomcats are rarely if ever good news for kittens. And the time has come to get Briar Rose inside before she gets knocked up again, so in she’ll come.

One of the toms, an orange dude with an interesting narrow face, has been hanging around relatively close when we go outside to take Briar Rose her food. I’m kind of hoping that we can habituate him to people enough to get him neutered, at least, even if we can’t ever make him into an indoor cat. He’d be #11 that I’ve gotten fixed, at least. Crispin and Clementine are numbers 9 and 10, respectively, that I’ve gotten indoors and found new homes for. So I think I’m doing pretty well here, even if two of the ten did settle into life as indoor cats at the Manor and refuse to leave…


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  1. Lisa
    2302 on July 22nd, 2011

    Congrats to Crispin & Clementine!

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