Life is very busy.

The Best Mother Ever is here, drastic house stuff is going on that includes unpacking boxes that have been packed for years (on the plus side, I found Tink’s wardrobe!) and the resurfacing of the bathroom floor to repair Emmaline’s depredations. Thus the lack of posting, as I try to juggle work, school, and drastic house stuff!

So instead of a substantive post, here. Have Zille in Beowulf’s crate, wearing a foodbowl for a hat while she snuggles Rooney Lee.
Silly Zille, a sable Shedder, lies flat on her side in Beowulf's ginormous crate.  She is wearing his foodbowl like a top hat.  Roo is cuddle up against her neck and chest, laying over one of her forelegs to hold her down.  You thought I was kidding about the hat thing, didn't you.

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Comments (1) | Life at the Manor,Pictures — Tags: , , — Andrea @ 0353 on 4 September, 2010

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  1. Selma
    1102 on September 4th, 2010

    If I can find Kare’s stash of “Busy Beans”, I’ll definitely share them, Andrea. That way, you’ll have a BOUNDLESS supply of energy, instantaneously. It’ll help you fly through your busy days! :)

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