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Sweet Emmaline

I’m not the only one who repurposes songs to sing to their pets, right? Right? Good.

Anyway, just a quick hit before I go to bed: Emmaline sat in my lap on the porch tonight. Well, actually first she stood in my lap. Then she kitty-loafed in my lap. Then she fell over in my lap and laid her head down. The whole time, she was paddypawing my knee (you know, the kneading thing cats do) and purring.

I really need her to bring whatever kittens she’s feeding up to the house, so I can try to bring the whole little family indoors. Regardless, once her milk dries up and I’m sure she’s not feeding kittens, I’ll try bringing her in. In theory, if she’s OK with being inside, I will then try to find her a new home.

In theory.

I mean, she sat in my lap tonight. But I don’t need four cats. But she sat in my lap and purred and fell over. Sigh.

P. S. Confidential to whoever got here googling “satanic bitch” — I’m pretty sure this was not the Satanic bitch you had in mind. But I assure you, Tink can be pretty diabolical when she sets her mind to it.

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